Let's make your wedding one to remember!

I have enjoyed uniting loving couples since 1995. As a credentialed officiant, it is my special joy to conduct personalized weddings and union rituals for traditional and same-sex couples.

Together, we’ll create a ceremony that expresses who you are as a couple. We can draw on a rich repertoire of services, readings and traditions or start from scratch. Whether yours is a simple ceremony among intimates or an elaborate ritual with many moving parts, I can work with you to craft a wedding that is meaningful to you and those celebrating with you.

We begin with a discussion of those elements you know you want in your ceremony, and the people you want to involve. You choose the style, tone and setting; we'll collaborate on a script that conveys who you are as a couple.

The readings, prayers, songs and vows may be centuries old or created for your occasion. You may opt for ritual elements such as the binding of hands, lighting candles or warming the rings. The setting can be a backyard or a cathedral – perhaps where you met or studied. Weaving all this together can be a greater challenge than the logistics of inviting, feeding and entertaining your guests, but it is profoundly more significant. Done well, it feeds a lifetime of memories.